During a recent Little League game at Nunes Field in Edgartown, older siblings stepped up to bat as their younger brothers and sisters scrambled around a brand-new playground next door. The bold red, yellow and blue slides and tunnels are the result of $85,000 from Community Preservation Act funds, requested last year by the Edgartown parks department.


Boston Pop Event in Ocean Park

The Boston Pops concert at Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs was a highlight of summer last year, and with an attendance figure of 5,000 people it ranked among the most attended Island event of the season.

Building on last year’s success, promoters this year want to expand the concert to include food and alcohol sales and also have a longer running time from early afternoon to late evening. They also want to put up high barricades along Seaview avenue to control crowds and to block people from watching the concert for free along the road and town beach.


The past week has been an eventful one in the history of Cottage City and in her prospects for the future. The decision in the question of the ownership of the parks in favor of the town will mark a new era in its history. The removal of this cloud, which has so long gung like a pall over its prosperity, will give a new impetus to improving property and the purchase of land and building of new cottages. The people’s rights have been protected by the courts, and it is many years since so healthy a sentiment has prevailed here in business circles.