A home rule petition to ban rental mopeds and a complicated land swap to create an affordable housing project easily passed muster with Oak Bluffs voters, but a controversial downtown streetscape plan took center stage.
Mopeds top the warrant for Tuesday’s special town meeting in Oak Bluffs, where voters will again weigh in on a home-rule petition asking state legislators to ban moped rentals in town.


Police chiefs in the three down-Island towns had varying responses to the federal court ruling.


Parking tickets brought nearly $230,000 to Island towns in fiscal year 2018 according to data.


Concerns about overflowing parking at town-owned Collins Beach during the summer came before the Edgartown selectmen this week, who agreed to look into the issue. The small harborfront beach sits off an extension of Cooke street.


The county parking clerk is currently making the rounds among Island selectmen with a pitch to increase the fees for parking violations. Clerk Carol Grant’s reasoning goes something like this: the minimum fee for overtime parking of ten dollars is too low and hardly a deterrent for a summer person who has another ten bucks in her pocket to throw down — it’s just the cost of being on vacation.