A state Department of Environmental Protection investigation found the West Tisbury fire station to be a contributor of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to the area’s groundwater supply, affecting nearby wells.
Known as PlumeStop, the project, which was completed this fall, seeks to stop the chemicals in their tracks, caging them underground before they reach the aquifer or other wells.


Airport commissioners approved an approximately $272,500 project to mitigate PFAS contamination at the site.
A new filtration system to mitigate PFAS contamination in West Tisbury wells is on the table at the Martha's Vineyard Airport .
Hazardous levels of PFAS have been found in a private well in West Tisbury following a testing program offered to the town through the Massachusetts DEP.


The British newspaper the Guardian had a recent article about research of PFAS.