Data collection buoys are being installed this month in areas south of the Vineyard that are slated for wind power development.

Scientist Jesse Ausubel will talk about his work with environmental DNA at the Vineyard Conservation Society annual meeting next Tuesday.

The Martha’s Vineyard Coastal Observatory has become part of a new long-term program aimed at better understanding ocean ecosystems and climate change.


Keith Moreis of Oak Bluffs was out walking on Long Point Beach on a bitter cold December afternoon when he found a small bottle in a clump of seaweed. The bottle had been released in the fall of 1959 from the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship Hydrographer.



The ever-expanding pantheon of documented life on earth has welcomed a new creature to its ranks: the Dinochelus Ausubeli, or Ausubel’s mighty claw. The bizarre lobster is rather unexceptional save for one feature: a comically oversized right claw. Although you have to squint to see the resemblance, Ausubel himself — Jesse Ausubel of Vineyard Haven, to be exact — is flattered to be represented by the intimidating creature.