A project to fortify and restore the sand dunes at Norton Point Beach is now at risk as the Trustees of Reservations pull out of managing the two-mile shorefront and Edgartown prepares to take over.


For the first time in more than a decade, a breach at Norton Point beach has officially made Chappaquiddick an island once more.
Edgartown plans to keep over-sand vehicle permit pricing the same as the town begins the planning process for its takeover of Norton Point Beach management.
The Dukes County Commission will move forward with Edgartown’s bid to take over management of Norton Point Beach, beginning contract negotiations with the town.

The Trustees of Reservations will not renew their contract to manage Norton Point, after leadership said Friday that the non-profit land conservancy would relinquish control of the dynamic, two-mile beach.

Edgartown officials pitched the Dukes County Commission Wednesday to take over management of Norton Point Beach from The Trustees of Reservations.