Noah Asimow
The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank has purchased a small, one-acre parcel along the Tiasquam River in West Tisbury subject to a life estate, and will eventually open the property to the public.
Martha's Vineyard Land Bank


The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank is expanding and connecting its Lambert’s Cove-area properties, paying $2,020,000 this week for with 4.5 acres and a house on Ophelia Way in West Tisbury.


The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank has prepared a draft management plan for Arrowhead Farm — the West Tisbury property it purchased in 2020 and hopes to integrate with two other nearby properties through a network of trails.
The Martha's Vineyard Land Bank does not pay property taxes and in fact takes property taxes off the tax roll.
The land bank watched with interest the Island's recent debate and deliberation over the housing bank.
Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank properties saw an across-the-board increase in usage this summer, according to a summer report.
At a Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission Meeting on Monday, commissioners and staff raised concerns over some provisions of the Dukes County Community Wildfire Protection Plan.