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Just two days after Arbor Day, which comes April 26, is Spring Planting Day at the Christiantown Burial Ground in North Tisbury.
Mayhew Chapel
Martha's Vineyard Garden Club


The Garden Club of Martha’s Vineyard will again hold its Blooming Art event at the Old Mill


The Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club will host a presentation on Sept. 17 entitled Gardening is Murder by Neal Sanders.
The Martha's Vineyard Garden Club hosts its annual Blooming Art Show from June 20 through June 23 at the Old Mill across from the Mill Pond.


The Blooming Art Show begins Thursday, June 22 and runs through June 25.


On this 30th year of our occupancy of the Old Mill, Mrs. Roberts has asked me to give a bit of background.
The Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club opened their Blooming Art Show with a reception on Thursday evening. The event continues through Sunday, June 26 at the Old Mill in West Tisbury.