Maia Coleman
History buffs, fiction fanatics and those itching to learn the secret history of church ladies will get more than their fill this August when the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival Summer Series returns.
Martha's Vineyard Book Festival
A panel of journalists from two of America’s most prominent media outlets will address a question that cuts to the heart of their profession and the health of democracy: how will journalism endure and flourish?
Martha's Vineyard Book Festival
Bill Eville
Starting Thursday and running through Sunday, the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival 2021 Summer Series once again invites book lovers to unite to hear the story, or stories, behind the story of how a book gets written.
Martha's Vineyard Book Festival
Elizabeth Bennett
Fiction readers can be glad that Deesha Philyaw’s oldest daughter had trouble napping.
Martha's Vineyard Book Festival


For four days in two locations, 22 of the country’s leading authors and thinkers gathered for the biennial Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival.
A book festival audience turned out Friday evening for a panel discussion on the Martha’s Vineyard Museum lawn with three of the country’s leading journalists.
After nearly 20 years working in economic policy, Heather McGhee realized she needed a different approach to understand the fault lines of American division.
Walter Isaacson suggests that if one is searching for a summer read, a nail-biting mystery perhaps, his latest biography on the woman behind gene editing is the way to go.
When Andrew Marantz, a New Yorker staff writer, attended the “DeploraBall” on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2016, he didn’t expect there to be good company.
It’s a rainy evening and you turn on the television to find your favorite sitcom. A small wave of comfort washes over you and you let that feeling settle you deeper into the couch.