A school of forty or fifty sturgeon was sighted off Wasque. Many Islanders had never heard of such a school before in these waters. The sturgeon were chasing the mackerel which ran right into the shore. All the sturgeon were big fish, believed to have run from 300 to 400 pounds apiece. It has always been said that when sturgeon arrived, the bluefish were here.



The history of the Island’s main streets is written on the facades of the older buildings. The three down-Island main streets all have their stories — and their storytellers.

Main street is memory lane for those who share in the fellowship of growing up, playing and working on the pavement and along the side streets.

Richard Clark of Vineyard Haven, Dennis daRosa of Oak Bluffs and Edward (Peter) W. Vincent Jr. of Edgartown all have spent most of their lives stepping, smelling and breathing the life on the down-Island sidewalks and streets.


Allow us to call the attention of your readers to a proposition, emanating from many of our farmers, to join in an effort to form a County Agricultural Society.


Notice to Mariners. - The new light at Gay Head will be exhibited at sunset on December 1st, 1856, and will be kept burning during every night thereafter from sunset to sunrise. The focal plane of the light is 43 feet above the ground and 170 feet above the level of the sea. The tower is of brick, colored brown, and stands about 12 feet from the centre of the rear of the dwelling houses, with which it is connected. The lantern is painted black. The dwelling houses are brick color.