Next weekend, the Island hosts the sixth annual New England to Nashville Martha’s Vineyard Songwriters’ Festival.


Martha’s Vineyard will once again play host to some of Nashville’s finest songwriters and artists from Sept. 15 to 17.


Martha’s Vineyard hosts some of Nashville’s finest songwriters and artists from Sept. 11 to 14, when New England to Nashville (NETN) presents the fourth annual Martha’s Vineyard Songwriting Festival.


The Nashville sound will be heard on the Vineyard as the 2013 Martha’s Vineyard Songwriters Festival takes place from Sept. 13 to 15. Artists and songwriters from the Music City will offer a workshop for aspiring songwriters with instruction by Steve Seskin and Steve Bloch. Workshop attendees are also invited to a casual barbecue/guitar event on Friday night, Sept. 13.



The second annual Martha’s Vineyard Songwriters Festival last weekend combined pop and country BMI hit-makers in exclusive live music lineups and intimate settings, adopting the overwhelmingly successful approach of the perennially popular Key West Songwriters Festival. The event is designed to introduce top BMI pop and country songwriters not only to a wider audience, but to one another as well. While attendees soaked up performances from the composers behind the hits, the performers took advantage of the retreat-like setting and established new creative partnerships.


It’s the singer, not the song or is it? After all, it is the melody that lingers, the words that capture the undefinable. Songs are mercurial things, each having a mystery path — so far from the iPod or radio dial — that evades the fan. But next weekend, at various locations across the Island, the Martha’s Vineyard Songwriters Festival brings a dozen of the nation’s best songwriters together to celebrate songs, stories and each other.