Chilmark lifeguards and town first responders lived up to their name on August 1, saving the life of a visitor who was pulled from the water with the help of bystanders at Lucy Vincent Beach.


The iconic landmark provided a microscopic glimpse into the vast geological process that once formed the cliffs and is now washing them away.

The last finger of the iconic cliffs at Lucy Vincent Beach tumbled into the ocean Friday night, culminating a long erosion process.

Chilmark beaches will open on schedule this summer, but with new safety precautions including limited parking.


On Sunday Featherstone Center for the Arts celebrated Lucy Vincent Beach with its own art reception. The party marked the opening of an exhibit that runs through May 8.

The show came into being after artist Linda Ziegler surveyed the damage done to the beach by Hurricane Sandy and wanted to find a way to honor what has long been a favorite Vineyard destination.

Once towering, now crumbling, the cliff at Lucy Vincent Beach has inspired artists and photographers throughout the world. Beginning this weekend Featherstone Center for the Arts will showcase artwork featuring the Chilmark beach and its famous cliff in both its present and past formations. The theme was suggested by Linda Ziegler, and provides an opportunity to reflect on the ways the landmark has been documented in various mediums, from painting and photography to sculpture, poetry and music. An opening reception will take place Sunday, April 21 from 4 to 6 p.m.