When people ask Vineyard Haven clothing designer Lorraine Parish if she got her start while studying at Rhode Island School of Design, she laughs and tells them, “No, it was ninth-grade Home Ec.” Her career in fashion took off from there.



Not many people get out of Huntsville, Alabama, fashion designer Lorraine Parish said knowingly.


Lorraine Parish

Lorraine Parish has been an Island fashion presence for nearly three decades, but it was her personal spirit rather than her designer’s eye which last month put her in front of a film crew, shooting the pilot for a television series on baby boomers.

The hour-long Public Broadcasting System (PBS) show, yet untitled, is being edited for broadcast in Boston area. Laurie Donnelly, executive producer of the pilot and for lifestyle entertainment at Boston’s WGBH-TV, is teaming up with AARP magazine to chronicle the lives of boomers today.