The Martha’s Vineyard Film Center will host a special screening on Wednesday, August 22 of the new documentary about Livingston Taylor.


Livingston Taylor is back for his last summer show on Saturday, August 13 at the Old Whaling Church.

When Livingston Taylor performs at Edgartown’s Old Whaling Church this Saturday, July 2, he says he will feel right at home. After all, this summer marks his 48th year playing on Martha’s Vineyard.


On Saturday night, the lights will dim in the Whaling Church in Edgartown as Livingston Taylor strums the first notes of his set.



Livingston Taylor was the pesky little brother who ran around at family gatherings, the one that loved show and tell at school, and the little brother that pulled at sister Kate Taylor’s pigtails. Hopefully at their Tabernacle concert this weekend, there will be no hair pulling, only song.

“I’m amusing, but Kate is magical,” Mr. Taylor said on a recent afternoon on his back patio. “My sister is so beautiful, so spirited, and has such a grace. I’m good, but my sister is great. She’s got the magic.”