On Saturday, families, coaches and players gathered for the minor and major league championships. For the majors, the day ended with the Cubs on top, defeating the Pirates 13-9.


The Boston Red Sox defeated the Chicago Cubs 4-1 to claim the 2018 Martha’s Vineyard Little League World Series title.
The clang of aluminum bats and cheers from parents echoed across Penn Field in Oak Bluffs Saturday for opening day of the Martha’s Vineyard Little League season.

It begins with T-ball, a group of kids barely taller than a bat, their hats covering not just their heads but often most of their faces.


On Saturday, at the Little League championships, the Cubs beat the Pirates 5-0 for the Major League title and the Rays beat the Mets 8-4 for the Minor League title.
Little League opening day ceremonies began Saturday with a parade up Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs. Then at fields around the Island T-ballers and major leaguers stepped up to the plate.