An automobile accident near the Oak Buffs side of the drawbridge resulted in a van engulfed in flames Friday afternoon.


An Oak Bluffs man is facing criminal charges after a collision between a Tisbury police cruiser and a small dump truck occurred on the Lagoon Pond drawbridge Thursday afternoon, state police confirmed. The police officer driving the cruiser sustained minor injuries.


A driver crossing the Lagoon Pond Bridge lost control and crashed into the bridge’s guardrail just after 2 p.m. on Monday.


The Lagoon Pond drawbridge was back in working order Monday evening after it was closed for more than three hours, rerouting traffic.

A three-car accident Saturday evening forced the temporary closure of the Lagoon Pond drawbridge and sent two people to the hospital.

Drawbridge Park swoops around and beneath the drawbridge on Beach Road with views of Lagoon Pond, Eastville jetty and the harbor.