Birds had a lot of company at sunrise Saturday on Duarte’s Pond as early bird boys and girls circled the pond for the 47th Kids Trout Derby.
Kids trout tournament gets underway at first light on April 9 at Duarte's Pond.
The Kids Trout Derby will return at first light on Saturday, April 9 at Duarte's Pond in West Tisbury.


Two and a half year old McCabe Neadow earned top prize at the kids' trout tournament with an 18.5-inch rainbow trout.

While Cooper Gilkes waited for a delivery of trout to arrive at Duarte’s Pond on Wednesday morning, he remembered trout derbies past.


Half an hour into the 43rd annual Kids Trout Tournament, Grace Cotton caught a 16-inch rainbow trout. Two hours later she discovered she had won the tournament.