Chick Stapleton was the first woman across the finish line at the 36th annual run of the Charles.



It was not as ambitious as Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition to find a route to the Spice Islands in 1522, and certainly not as dangerous. But Dana Gaines of Edgartown and his two friends, John Karoff from Milton and Tucker Lindquist from Ipswich can nevertheless be credited with plenty of pluck and explorers’ ambition for completing a circumnavigation of the Vineyard in kayaks in a single day last Saturday.


Accessible Kayaking

Vineyard Complementary Medicine’s physical therapy staff is joining Island Spirit Kayaks to offer individuals with physical challenges an opportunity to kayak in a safe accessible environment on Thursday, Sept. 10, at 2 p.m. at the Little Bridge, State Beach, Oak Bluffs. Interested parties must sign up by calling 508-693-3800.



Leading a tour of the Sengekontacket, Felix Neck guide Emily Smith rounded Sarsons Island Friday in her red kayak and stopped. Something in the pond had caught her eye. She backtracked, peered into the water for a few moments and then pulled out a horseshoe crab. The kayakers on the tour crowded around for a look, bumping their boats together as they packed in. She flipped the crab over to show its small legs squirming in the air and began spelling out facts about the creature.


On almost the last day of summer my husband and I loaded our kayaks on top of the car and found our way to the entrance of Squibnocket Pond for our last waterway exploration of the summer.