Bruce Brooks
The firm, flat fields of Katama, the so-called Great Plain - what use could the energetic men of the 1920’s make of the stretching monotony to fully exploit its, well, its...evenness?
Katama Airfield


After eight years of legal wrangling, Edgartown selectmen cleared the way Monday for a new aircraft hangar at the historic grass airfield at Katama.


A single engine aircraft had a rough landing at Katama Airpark Monday. The pilot of the Piper Cherokee PA-32-26 was unhurt, but the propeller and nose of the plane were damaged. The Edgartown fire department and state police responded to the grass airfield.


As Edgartown tries to go forward with plans for a new airport hangar, it is forced to confront inconsistencies with the Katama airfield helicopter policy.

George F. Smith 3rd, a pilot, retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel and summer resident, was appointed by the Edgartown selectmen Monday to manage the town-owned grass airfield. Outgoing manager Mike Creato was lauded for his work and legacy at the airfield.

A long-planned project to double the size of a 1945 hangar at the airfield will go forward. Town counsel Ronald H. Rappaport told the Edgartown selectmen again Monday that the deal comes at a price.

Katama Airfield commissioners came before Edgartown selectmen again this week to press for a resolution on the proposed expansion of the hangar at the airfield.