The Island Elderly Housing board of directors would like to clarify some issues raised at a May 5 Zoom meeting of the Martha's Vineyard Commission on the proposed elderly housing building to be located in Oak Bluffs.
What once was an empty basement room at the Woodside Village elderly apartments in Oak Bluffs now teems with furniture, exercise equipment and craft supplies in honor of late Woodside resident association president Josephine Moreis Tucker.
Architectural design remains a major sticking point on Aidylberg 3, the plan by Island Elderly Housing to expand its low-income housing complex off Wing Road in Oak Bluffs.


The Island Elderly Housing will hold an art show fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 22 from noon to 6 p.m.


Beth Kehoe, a lively 86 year old, lives in the Oak Bluffs house built by her late husband. She relies on a variety of local services to assist her each day, from Meals on Wheels lunches to the Vineyard Village volunteers who bring her grocery shopping and to the YMCA, where she swims laps in the pool. Her backstroke is the envy of far younger swimmers.


Seated on the armrest of a couch in her grandparents’ Edgartown parlor room, Caroline Miskovsky straps a guitar around her back and positions her left hand, lightly manicured, on its neck. She begins to play a song she calls Detour in a full, melodic voice. The song is about a love story that’s taken a wrong turn.