The words are on the page, but for Jennifer Joanou that is just the first step. In fact, by the time her creative process is done the words may no longer be visible.

On Tuesday, Island painter and Rhode Island School of Design student Jack Yuen set up an 18-by-24 inch canvas on the deck of Bad Martha’s Brewery in Edgartown.

In a cloud of smoke and shower of blue sparks, Island sculptor Jay Lagemann blasts the stainless steel braids of his newest humanoid creation with a blowtorch registering over 3,000 degrees.

On any given afternoon, one of three sounds can be heard coming from Mitzi Pratt’s Aquinnah bookbinding studio: the dull squeak of a 19th century press, sheers clipping through paper, or the piercing bang of a weighty backing hammer.

Inside of a shipping container studio on Chappaquiddick, artist Zach Pinerio stands surrounded by shelves of bowl blanks.
The creation of wampum jewelry is a multi-layered process. For Jason Widdiss the labor begins at Menemsha Pond.