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Robert J. Carroll, a prominent Edgartown businessman, has sold all of his interest in the Kelley House and the Harbor View Hotel to Robert Welch and Stephen C.
History of the Harbor View
Harbor View Hotel
Kelley House
Virginia Poole
Elegant and proud as any schooner that sailed the neighboring waters, the Harbor View Hotel stands imposingly on the most fashionable street or historic Edgartown.  
History of the Harbor View
Harbor View Hotel


Earnest G. Friez Jr., manager, said that he thought that the Harbor View Hotel had weathered the Tuesday weather in comparatively good shape. “We were very fortunate,” he said, “compared to the trouble some were in.” One chimney fell on the ell of the main hotel, over employees’ quarters, and smashed through the roof into a room on the third floor. Other than that the damage was confined to a few chairs, windows and shutters and shingles.


Only the quick action of Capt. Samuel B. Norton, the skill and equipment of the Edgartown Fire Department, the aid of the sprinkler system just installed and not ready to function automatically, and one or two elements of chance such as a lack of wind and the time at which smoke and flames appeared over and through the building, prevented the destruction of the Harbor View Ho­tel in what was so nearly a disas­trous conflagration late Wednesday afternoon.


A formal agreement for the purchase of the Harbor View hotel at Edgartown has been signed, and the purchasing group for which Alfred Hall has been acting since the first agreement was executed a few weeks ago, will take title to the property in December. But work toward the renovation and rehabilitation of the hotel will begin at any time, Mr. Hall told the Gazette this week, with an expenditure of at least $50,000.

For the first time in more than fifty years, the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown has changed hands. The Walker family has been in control of the property since 1898, seven years after its original opening. In that year, F. A. Douglass, the first owner of the Harbor View, sold two thirds of the interest in the hotel to Dr. T. G. Walker and L. T. Townsend, Dr. Walker later acquiring the entire property, which has been owned recently by his children, Mrs. Luther M. Sibley and Raymond Walker.


Dr. T. J. Walker, the owner of the Harbor view premises, in addition to extensive improvements going on all along the line, is having telephones installed in every lodging room in the hotel and cottages. Men from the Telephone Co. are doing the work, which we are told will occupy some weeks to complete.


Dr. T. J. Walker, who lately bought the Katama hotel building, has contracted with George S. Norton to move intact the south end of the structure to the Doctor’s Harbor View premises at Starbuck’s Neck.