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The State, acting through the fish and game commission, has under consideration the purchase of the 600-acre farm of Antone Andrews, located on the Martha’s Vineyard plain, near Little Pond some th
Heath hen
Manuel F Correllus State Forest
Vineyard Gazette
That the world’s lone heath hen, Martha’s Vineyard’s most famous resident, was still alive September 13, is vouched for by Dr. John A.
Heath hen


The tale of the heath hen is a Vineyard story.


Buried deep within the woods of the Manuel Correllus State Forest is a statue of Booming Ben, the world’s final heath hen. Once common, the species was hunted to near-extinction in the 1870s.


A single male heath hen, almost certainly the sole survivor of its species in the whole world, showed itself this week.


An effort to bring the heath hen back into existence is now the leading de-extinction project in the world, putting the Vineyard at the forefront of new technology in wildlife conservation.


The first phase of a ground-breaking project to bring the heath hen back from extinction has been successfully completed, scientists said this week. The path to bringing back the bird is getting more tangible, and scientists say the heath hen could be “the gateway bird” for avian de-extinction.

A complex and groundbreaking project that aims to bring back the heath hen is advancing “at lightning speed,” scientists said this week.