Julia Wells
Robert J. Carroll, a prominent Edgartown businessman, has sold all of his interest in the Kelley House and the Harbor View Hotel to Robert Welch and Stephen C.
History of the Harbor View
Harbor View Hotel
Kelley House
Virginia Poole
Elegant and proud as any schooner that sailed the neighboring waters, the Harbor View Hotel stands imposingly on the most fashionable street or historic Edgartown.  
History of the Harbor View
Harbor View Hotel
Noah Asimow
The Martha’s Vineyard Commission voted 9-5 late Thursday to allow the Harbor View Hotel to expand its Bradley Cottage into a 4,000-square-foot spa. But the approval came with a clear message from the MVC to the hotel, as commissioners tacked on a pile of strict conditions.
Martha's Vineyard Commission
Harbor View Hotel


At 6 pm. Wednesday evening, 11th inst., the polls were closed in the great voting contest for the naming of Edgartown’s new Summer hotel. Since Dec. 18th the votes had been coming in, the standing of the vote being announced in subsequent issues of the Gazette. From almost the start the favorites seemed to be Hotel Edgartown and Harbor View, although Hotel Martha and others developed considerable strength.


Regarding the contest we wish to state that the right of voting is free to all persons, and one person can send in any number of votes - no limit. It is only a question of getting the coupons, and you are entitled to as many votes as you can produce coupons.

By courtesy of the Directors we are permitted to invite the public to sent to the Gazette office their written choice of a suitable name for the new hotel. Let all who are interested and have a name in mind which they thing the correct thing, send it to us. This invitation holds good until Saturday nigh, Dec. 6th. After that date the different names suggested will be published, and the public will then be given an opportunity to decide (by Gazette coupon vote) which of the proposed name shall be accepted.

We take pleasure in printing below a few particulars regarding the new hotel to be erected on Starbuck’s Bluff, Edgartown, the specifications calling for the building’s completion by May 15, 1891. Mr. Cummings, the well-known Troy (N.Y.) architect, drew the plans, and these and the specifications call for a structure which will be attractive, of first-class appointments, and built in the most thorough manner.