It's hammer time!


It has been estimated that the chance of getting attacked and killed by a shark are 1 in 3,748,067.

South Beach in Edgartown was closed Wednesday morning after a hammerhead shark was seen swimming in the water near shore. A biplane pilot confirmed the sighting.


Nelson Smith

Nelson C. Smith, 87, has had plenty of water pass under his keel. And observed many sharks off his bow. The retired Edgartown charter fishing captain, who has had many jobs on the waterfront, predicts an increase in shark sightings in Vineyard waters. As long as the seal population continues to rise around the Vineyard, Mr. Smith said he believes the seal’s worse predator, the great white shark, will also increase, as it seems to have done around Nantucket and certain areas of Cape Cod, according to recent reports. “More seals are showing up at Muskeget Channel.