Three teenage girls stood on the deck of The Bite in Menemsha wearing sweatshirts over their swimsuits to keep the chilly dusk breeze at bay. The sun was setting and the last call for fried clams was about to go out, but the blue-painted picnic tables next to the small cedar-shingled shack were still full of people eating.



A wide circle of friends showed up Tuesday night for an 80th summer celebration at Giordano’s Restaurant in Oak Bluffs. The anniversary party brought out more than 100 well-wishers over the course of the evening.


Buster and Richie Giordano

T he two brothers are seven years apart. One lives in Boston and one makes his year-round home in Oak Bluffs. They do not take vacations together or talk regularly on the phone. But from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, the Giordano brothers spend their waking hours under the same roof, working the family business established by their grandparents at the foot of Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs: Giordano’s Restaurant.

Interviews by Julia Rappaport

Wilfred (Buster) Giordano Jr.