Gabby Costa and Lizzie Jacobs

Carolyn, from Rhode Island, one of the dozens of holiday makers who stood in line for fried clams one recent Sunday at The Bite in Menemsha, was taken aback at the prices.

“This is pretty intense,” she said, looking down at the red and white take-out carton, roughly the size of a Tiffany’s ring gift box. Containing eight to ten clams, a half pint of deep fried whole bellies at The Bite currently costs $12.95. Counting his change, her father told her: “You just presided over a theft.”

Diners at Island restaurants will pay more for everything from fish and chips to omelettes this summer as the cost of almost all ingredients has skyrocketed.

Vineyard, chefs, caterers and bakers struggling with their soaring costs — the price of basics such as eggs, flour and cooking oil have more than doubled, even tripled in the past year, they report — have been forced to increase their own prices.