Bill Eville
I received an email recently that began: “I found the fierce bison underpants.”
Eville commentary


We are gathered on the porch, exchanging presents, sharing some champagne and crackers too.

For many years, instead of eating Thanksgiving dinner I called up the local health club and asked if I could use their sauna.

I liked to read a lot as a child, my specialty being books about animals, who of course died on the way to a tear-filled ending.

“Dad, tell me about the old days, when life was normal and we could go out and do things, like play with friends and drive off-Island for adventures.”

This past week Camp Jabberwocky announced it was canceling its summer season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As I say goodnight to my 12-year-
old daughter Pickle, I ask her if she would like to walk, bike or drive to school the next day.