Over some neighbors' objections, Atlantic Pool, an Edgartown-based pool construction and service business, will be allowed to continue operating on Watcha Path.


The Edgartown zoning board of appeals Wednesday upheld a cease and desist order prohibiting helicopter landing at the Boch home in Katama. While an attorney for Barbara Boch cited Massachusetts law that allows Mrs. Boch, the widow of car dealership owner Ernie Boch, to land a helicopter on her property, the board cited neighbor concerns and precedent in affirming the building inspector’s cease and desist order.


The Edgartown zoning board of appeals approved a special permit for a new restaurant on South Water street on Wednesday with conditions.

Brothers Patrick and Ted Courtney plan to convert a greenhouse tucked off South Water street into a restaurant. The original plan called for outdoor seating for 40 people and indoor seating for 20, but the seating plan was cut down to 49 yesterday in order to avoid the need for possible review by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. The Courtneys hope to be open by July 1.


The Edgartown zoning board of appeals this week gave tentative approval to plans for an upscale members-only recreational facility in Katama called the Field Club - although the board stopped short of putting the plan to a vote.


Board of Appeals in Edgartown Turns Down Library Expansion


The Edgartown zoning board of appeals this week denied a special permit for the Edgartown Free Public Library, effectively killing the proposed library expansion project for at least another four years.

Three of the five board members voted in opposition to the project, which would have connected the Carnegie library and recently purchased Captain Warren House by means of a 17,000-square-foot addition.


The Martha's Vineyard Commission backed away Thursday night from a push to redraw the Vineyard Golf Club's Island membership plan.

Commission members dropped the issue of the subjective selection process citing not principles, but politics. Commissioners openly acknowledged that pushing for a lottery system could do more harm than good, threatening an already strained relationship with a town board.