Larsen’s Goes Green

Larsen’s Fish Market in Chilmark now uses sustainable soup and deli containers, compostable cutlery and biodegradable trash bags provided by Eco MV. The products are made out of PLA (corn) plastic and other natural materials not harmful for the environment.


Eco MV is proud to announce the promotion of Scott Condon to the position of executive vice president.

Before joining Eco MV in December of 2008, Mr. Condon, a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Business Management, worked in Hong Kong for a gaming company and in Arizona for an organic fertilizer startup.

“Eco MV isn’t like anything else — there is no comparison in my experience,” Mr. Condon says.

Cronig’s Gets Greener

While building a new deli section in their Vineyard Haven store, Cronig’s Market also has shifted to more biodegradable and compostable items made from corn and bulrush. The gocery store already shifted to different packaging for its meat products; now a new line from Vineyard Haven retailer Eco MV means changes to Cronig’s soup cups, cutlery, unbleached deli sheets, to-go containers, and various other packaging containers for the deli and salad bar.

Pure Green

Eco MV is donating cases of personal spray bottles of PureGreen24 disinfectant for Vineyard schools to distribute in classrooms. PureGreen24 is a disinfectant and deodorizer strong enough to kill the most dangerous bacteria and viruses found in hospitals, yet is approved by the EPA to be used on children’s toys and sports equipment.

To reduce its environmental impact, Cronig’s Market has teamed up with Eco MV to replace all its styrofoam packaging. Styrofoam is a byproduct of petroleum and has a landfill life of over 3,000 years, and while it has been touted as a light and well-insulating material, more sustainable alternatives abound. For Cronig’s Market, the more environmentally friendly alternative is unbleached bulrush fiber.



Eco MV has moved to a larger, two-story location, allowing the new Bio Store at 151 Beach Road to expand its eco-friendly product line to include more household items and even organic clothing — everything from bamboo sheets to fair trade organic coffee is offered at the store’s grand opening this evening. “With one exception, there are no items in the store over $50,” said owner Mark Martin.