On Sunday evening, at the season-end football banquet, Don Herman announced his retirement after 32 years coaching football at the regional high school. It was the second time for the longtime coach to retire.


The respected and decorated former Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School football coach of 28 years, is coming back. High athletic director Mark McCarthy confirmed Thursday that Mr. Herman has been hired to coach the Vineyarders this fall.
High school football coach Ryan Kent has stepped down, paving the way for the possible return of former coach Don Herman.


Head softball coach Donald Herman officially retired at the end May. This fall, Coach Herman retired as the head football coach after 31-year career.


When we talk about sports and the moments that actually matter, what we remember are coaches. Our coaches.

On Friday night, Donald Herman stood cooly on the sidelines along with his players preparing for his final game after 28 years as head football coach on the Vineyard.