As officials tally the numbers at the end of deer hunting season on the Island, signs point to an increase in the deer harvest over 2021, but not enough to help slow the upward trend in the Island’s deer population.


As bow hunting season is set to begin on Monday, Oct. 3 the question of what to do about the increasing deer numbers is much on people's minds.


As deer hunting season nears an end, Island hunters are reporting a slow season this year, pointing to a warm autumn and an abundant crop of acorns.
The two-week shotgun hunting season for deer began 30 minutes before sunrise Monday on Martha’s Vineyard, as bright orange attire is again in vogue at properties across the Island.


The two-week deer shotgun season opened on Monday, and the woods were filled with camouflage and bright orange.
Shotgun season for deer hunting begins Monday, Nov. 30 in Massachusetts, and state officials are encouraging hunters to register their take online this year instead of bringing it to a check-in station.