In 2019, the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office communications center logged 332 reports of deer struck by cars around the Island, more than double the amount in 2014.

A West Tisbury man who shot a deer that had been seriously injured in a car accident will not face criminal charges, a clerk-magistrate ruled Wednesday.

A West Tisbury man has had his guns seized and is facing criminal charges after shooting an injured deer on Barnes Road.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife has narrowed its investigation to a specific type of chemical present in medicated livestock and poultry supplements.


Police had a busy weekend responding to deer accidents, an incident involving a tractor and an overdose. Drivers are cautioned to be mindful of deer.

This year’s deer hunting season has begun, and many options are being considered for how to lessen the impact of the continuing infestation of deer ticks on Martha’s Vineyard.