Noah Asimow
Covid cases are on the rise again on Martha’s Vineyard, as the highly contagious Delta variant makes its presence felt around the Island.
Covid-19 cases


The Martha's Vineyard Hospital reported no new cases of Covid-19 Sunday, after reporting three new positive tests the day before.

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital marked its third day in a row reporting a new case of Covid-19, bringing the Islandwide total to 19 positives.

Covid-19 cases continued to climb on the Island Wednesday, with the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital reporting the third positive coronavirus case in just as many days, bringing the Islandwide total to 18.

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital reported one new confirmed coronavirus case Thursday morning, bringing the total number of confirmed cases on the Vineyard to 16. The state reported the most new cases yet.

Cases of Covid-19 confirmed by Martha’s Vineyard Hospital held steady at 15 on the Island Wednesday. Health officials from tiny Aquinnah separately reported that it had its first case.

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and Island boards of health reported one more confirmed case of Covid-19 on the Vineyard Monday, bringing the total number of cases to 15.