Negotiations are set to begin next month between Martha's Vineyard towns and Comcast, the Island's only cable service provider.


A prolonged effort to secure cable television and high-speed internet service for Chappaquiddick residents has finally met success. As soon as Comcast receives a final payment, they will prepare to install cable infrastructure on the remote island.


The campaign to bring high-speed internet to Chappaquiddick is short the required number of subscribers, with a little more than two months to go before the mid-December deadline.

It was with some shock that I saw numerous Chappy residents had taken out a half-page ad in the August 15 Gazette entreating Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and President Obama to bring high-speed internet to their island.
A campaign by residents to bring high-speed internet service to Chappaquiddick continues this summer. Comcast will provide cable service if 270 homeowners pay an up-front fee of $2,139 and agree to sign on with the provider for two years. While a majority of Chappy people have said yes to the proposal with checks, a number have been silent or noncommittal, and the July 21 extended deadline for sign-up is fast approaching. Campaign callers working phones say they have heard it all.


Chappaquiddick residents are a step closer to getting cable service, with more than the required number of residents signing preliminary agreements with Comcast.

Under a long-negotiated agreement between the town of Edgartown and Comcast, 270 Chappaquiddick residents had to sign commitment letters indicating their interest in getting cable service by October 1.