Ryan Family Amusements will remain on Circuit avenue after the prominent building and neighboring property was sold to a pair of Oak Bluffs businessmen earlier this month.

Owner Marc Hanover has passed the torch on to Lisa and Winston Christie of Winston’s Kitchen, as he prepares to retire from the restaurant business.
The Oak Bluffs select board Tuesday took steps to mitigate jaywalking downtown by adding planters to the small island across from the booth. They also plan to repave the warped crosswalk.
The clothing store Laughing Bear and its owner Annie Schwenk have been constants on Circuit avenue since 1985.
Just in time for the 2022 summer season, the $1.64 million Circuit avenue portion of the Oak Bluffs streetscape project is open for business.


A home rule petition to ban rental mopeds and a complicated land swap to create an affordable housing project easily passed muster with Oak Bluffs voters, but a controversial downtown streetscape plan took center stage.