Eighteen graduates of the All-Island Firefighter I/II course received their certificates Tuesday night, having completed 145 hours of training since last October.


Chilmark voters will meet Saturday to take up the question of whether to approve another $1.2 million to advance the construction of a new firehouse and Tri-Town Ambulance building.


Chilmark firefighters responded to the scene of a pickup truck engulfed in flames on South Road Wednesday morning. The truck was destroyed, but no one was injured in the mishap.


Volunteer firefighters quelled a fierce fire in the wee hours Sunday morning that completely destroyed an unoccupied home in Chilmark.

Gary Robinson is assistant fire chief in Chilmark and emergency management director in Aquinnah.

On Saturday, Mr. Robinson and his team started a mission to sew masks for the hospital. The team has also reached out to other Island organizations like the Hebrew Center and senior centers to widen the scope of the project.

“If we’re going to be housebound for two or three weeks, let’s get into our sense of community and give these people something to do,” Mr. Robinson said.


At a special election Wednesday, voters agreed 78-22 to exempt $440,000 from the provisions of Proposition 2 1/2.