Lily Walter
I could not help but feel relief and a spark of hope as we turned our sights to what lies ahead.
Chappy Town Column
Lily Walter
Hold off on those quail orders for now.
Chappy Town Column
Peter Wells
There has always been a conflict between preserving the values of the past and implementing our perceptions of the future.
Chappy Town Column
Chappy Ferry
Brad Woodger
I was mowing the grass on a cloudless Sunday, when a cloud darkened the ground below me. That’s odd, I thought. Rogue cloud?
Chappy Town Column


The Chappaquiddick Community Center is truly the neighborhood center of Chappy.

It is a time of national movement, as people across the country protest the deaths of black Americans at the hands of white police officers.

Some times of the day it looks like July in the Chappy ferry waiting line while other times of the day it looks like January.

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Siamak Adibi on May 10.

With the assistance of a gigantic crane (by Chappy standards, anyway) the ferry ramp on the Edgartown side was been successfully installed and after some adjustments is functioning well.

The grass is beginning to grow, the shad is blooming, the daylight hours are stretching.