Lily Walter
I could not help but feel relief and a spark of hope as we turned our sights to what lies ahead.
Chappy Town Column
Lily Walter
Hold off on those quail orders for now.
Chappy Town Column
Peter Wells
There has always been a conflict between preserving the values of the past and implementing our perceptions of the future.
Chappy Town Column
Chappy Ferry
Brad Woodger
I was mowing the grass on a cloudless Sunday, when a cloud darkened the ground below me. That’s odd, I thought. Rogue cloud?
Chappy Town Column


Caleb Enos has been a member of the Chappaquiddick Ferry crew for more than a decade.

After a week of warmer days, we are plunged back into winter, with nighttime lows dipping into the teens.

The idea for a flagpole at the ferry point on Chappaquiddick was presented to me by the late Roy Gunderson probably more than a dozen years ago.

The Chappy Beach Club is hiring lifeguards for the 2021 summer season, June 1 through Sept. 8.

This is the in-between time of year when it comes to dirt roads.

With the arrival of slightly warmer daytime temperatures and a bit of rain, the snow that covered the ground for the last week has disappeared.