Last Monday the UMass medical student Rural Scholars met with a dozen older folks at the community center to discuss services for the aging on Chappy.

Chappy's own Karen Gazarian not only keeps very busy with property management and caretaking, but also works with Paddy Moore, the founder and a board member of Healthy Aging MV.

On Facebook, Julie Tummino posted a photo of a group of Chappaquiddickers standing in front of a sign with the first two houses clearly visible right down to ground level.

Chappy's own Edwina Rissland has been busy with her camera at the Gannon & Benjamin shipyard.

My mother used to call me on the phone when I got my name in the newspaper. I would remind her that it's there every week at the top of the Chappy column.

The Chappy Community Center is hosting a Knit, Craft, and Chat get-together.