With the home heating season about to begin, Martha’s Vineyard social service providers are mobilizing to prepare for what they expect will be heavy demand for financial assistance this winter.


Cape Light Compact, the longtime energy service provider for the Cape and Vineyard, may soon enter a new phase.


The selectmen on Tuesday strongly backed a proposed bylaw to ban the use of single-use plastic bags in town. The idea will be voted on at the annual town meeting.

Energy efficiency is good for the environment and the electricity bill. Next week, Cape Light Compact is offering a workshop for local businesses about how to save money through the compact’s energy efficiency programs. The event is co-sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce, and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission

Cape Light’s efficiency programs are available to any business on Cape Cod and the Vineyard. The organization offers financial incentives for making energy efficiency improvements.


The 70 per cent increase in the electricity supply rate being experienced by Cape Light Compact (CLC) is being felt by all NSTAR customers, not just CLC.

Islanders can expect to see their electric bills go up this winter, with Cape Light Compact and NStar both announcing increases in electricity costs beginning as early as December. Utility companies said the price increase can be attributed to a growing demand for natural gas paired with pipeline constraints.