What do you get a jewelry store when it turns 50? To find out, visit CB Stark’s Vineyard Haven store from 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday.


CB Stark’s new Edgartown store will feature the work of jewelry designers John Hardy and William Henry on Saturday, August 15.


Stark Meltzer

C.B. Stark Jewelers is a place that’s so well known you probably take it for granted. If you’ve ever needed a new charm, or cuff links or had to have the battery changed in your wristwatch, chances are you went to C.B. Stark, which has stores on Main street in Vineyard Haven and North Water street in Edgartown.

The jewelry store turns 45 this year, which is a lot of years to be in business on the Vineyard.


The silver and gold still sparkles in the afternoon sun like it did
that summer in 1966, when the young college student from Boston with
long blond hair stepped off the ferry, walked into Vineyard Haven and
began selling her handmade jewelry on the Island for the first time.