English language learners in the Martha’s Vineyard public schools have increased almost sixfold over the past decade and now make up more than 19 per cent of the total student body.


The Community Ambassador Partnership is an interagency group that formed in the wake of the pandemic to coordinate communication with the Island’s substantial Brazilian community.
In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, Brazilian contractors, health agents and translators have begun working together to get the word out about new rules on job sites.


For the past eight weeks, a group of 15 Brazilian natives have been meeting at the Oak Bluffs Public Library to learn beginners level English language skills.


Although now in its second generation, the Brazilian community is still largely perceived as an island unto itself, isolated from the mainstream Vineyard community.


A Vineyard Haven store that caters to the Island Brazilian community is getting a makeover.

Mara Santos, a West Tisbury resident, is the new manager of Island Star, a convenience store located at 25 Beach Road in Vineyard Haven.

“I hope to have everything ready for a grand opening on May 26,” she said. “I want to earn the trust of new customers.”

Mrs. Santos has lived on the Vineyard since 1999. She has worked as a caregiver, raised a daughter and ran a cleaning business.