Robert A. Culbert
Finally! The southward migration of songbirds is becoming more intense.
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Robert A. Culbert
May is rapidly coming to a close and with May’s disappearance the northward migration mostly ends.
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Luanne Johnson
The annual piping plover census was June 1 through 9.
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Louisa Hufstader
State wildlife officials and the Mass Audubon bird conservation group are advising residents to bring in their bird feeders and birdbaths until more is known about a mysterious avian ailment.
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Mass Audubon


We have had a string of less than ideal weather during recent Christmas Bird Counts.


We were lucky that we did not get battered by the Christmas storm!
A wish list of species I hope will be found before the end of the year are as follows.
I read that my neighbor on this page — Lynne Irons of The Vineyard Gardener — has observed all the fish crows that hang out around the Five Corners area.
Help us ring in the new year! The 63rd annual Martha's Vineyard Christmas Bird Count will be held Jan. 1.
The numbers of birds in the U.S. has declined by fifty percent since 1966!