Dr. Paul Goldstein is an expert on moths and butterflies. He began his formal study of Vineyard lepidoptera at Felix Neck in 1986.
Luanne Johnson’s to-do list runs to the wild side: study otter scat, track owls by moonlight. Last week the founder, director and biologist for BiodiversityWorks was in Aquinnah.


The Nature Conservancy has sold its Lambert’s Cove office to BiodiversityWorks, providing a permanent home for the Vineyard-based wildlife monitoring and research nonprofit.


BiodiversityWorks long suspected northern long-eared bats were sticking around the Vineyard during the off-season. Now the group has proof.


Black racer snakes (Coluber constrictor) have been documented on the Vineyard as far back as the early 1800s, but little is known about the Island population. That could soon change.


As the Island prepared for Tropical Storm Hermine on Sunday, a black racer snake named Miss Audrey was seeking shelter of her own.