Vineyard Haven beekeeper Tim Colon received more calls than usual this year from startled Islanders reporting swarms of bees. A swarm is awe-inspiring to witness.


Carpenter bees are coming out of the woodwork.


Native bees deserve much credit, and are impressive in their pollinating talent, diversity and sheer numbers.
A discussion next week will look at the importance of native bees and how to create a welcoming habitat for them.


Wasps, especially yellow jackets, have been out in full force, and folks are noticing and fearing them.


What I don’t know is a lot! For example, all the petals of the echinacea are being eaten by a tiny worm. I can barely see it with my reading glasses. Sadly, only the center of the blossom remains on many of the flowers. I had several varieties in different colors. Honestly, it is always something!