A dead bat found in a Tisbury home tested positive for rabies last week, the town board of health confirmed. Health officials said there is little cause for concern.


BiodiversityWorks long suspected northern long-eared bats were sticking around the Vineyard during the off-season. Now the group has proof.


A northern long-eared bat on the Vineyard has tested positive for white-nose syndrome, a condition that has decimated bat populations on the mainland.


The first phase in a study of Vineyard northern long-eared bats has shed light on roosting behavior, but left a key question unanswered.

Northern long-eared bats need help. If you see bats on the Vineyard, you are invited to complete a BiodiversityWorks survey about Island bats.


On the mainland, northern long-eared bats are quickly becoming rare sights as they fall victim to a disease called white-nose syndrome. The disease has never been documented on Martha's Vineyard. The bats here are safe, at least for the time being.