The Aquinnah select board and shop owners at the Aquinnah Circle are looking to standardize existing store leases, which expired this year and have historically varied in terms.

The Aquinnah select board paused its plans to lease Aquinnah Circle No. 9 Tuesday, heeding criticism over the lack of Tribal representation in the town’s decision making process for the site.

The Aquinnah select board heard three business proposals for the vacant Aquinnah Circle No. 9 space, with some community members advocating it be reserved for a Wampanoag-owned business.


With the Gay Head Light having completed its historic move last year, and long-term planning underway for Aquinnah Circle, shop owners have a new vision for their town’s commercial and cultural district.

The town of Aquinnah has been named a finalist for a highly selective arts funding program that could further bolster the new Aquinnah Circle Cultural District.

A report by students at the Conway School of Landscape Design describes ways to create a tourist-friendly experience and stronger sense of community at the Aquinnah Circle, which attracts some 100,000 visitors each year.