An Edgartown woman is facing criminal charges of animal cruelty, after police and a Boston-based animal rescue group found 65 cats being kept in unsanitary conditions at her home. The cats were safely rescued, police said.


The West Tisbury selectmen this week ordered the owner of a Husky to restrain her dog after an incident where the dog killed a chicken.

At a public hearing Wednesday, the selectmen learned that on May 4 the dog owned by Marina Sharkovitz killed a chicken owned by neighbor Angela Aronie on Otis Bassett Road. According to animal control officer Joan Jenkinson, this was the second time the year-and-a-half-old dog, Kota, had killed a chicken but it was the first time a formal complaint had been filed.

A one-year-old ram named Chili has repeatedly torn free from its fencing confines this winter and roamed the plains of Katama. Chili has kept animal control officer Barbara Prada busy — she calls him a Houdini.

Owners of a Jack Russel terrier were ordered by Tisbury selectmen to keep their dog leashed and muzzled outside of his home because of a complaint.
Following two incidents where a Wheaten terrier attacked chickens at Cleveland Farm, West Tisbury selectmen ordered the owners of the dog to put up a permanent fence within 30 days.


Edgartown selectmen said this week that an American Staffordshire terrier involved in a dog fight should be considered dangerous, and they ordered that the dog be bonded and must be muzzled when off its owner’s property.

Ramune, a rescue dog belonging to Damon Burke, was involved in a July 6 fight with another dog who lived in the house. That dog, a pit bull/hound mix named Tommy, was euthanized by his owner last week.