Acupuncture at the Yoga Barn
Licensed acupuncturist Iris Gold has returned to Five Seasons Acupuncture at the Yoga Barn in West Tisbury for the summer season. Ms. Gold has more than 29 years of experience using herbs and supplements to address issues such as digestive disorders, headaches, stress and chronic pain. Ms. Gold is available Monday afternoons at the Yoga Barn; call 508-645-9642, extension 4 to make an appointment.



The Vineyard is a place of healing. It’s a community of healers, with acupuncturists, chiropractors and other alternative medicine practitioners, where yoga practice is a mainstay in many people’s lives. In yoga they say wherever you are is perfect, whether you’re halfway up in downward dog or halfway down in eagle pose, but sometimes half the battle can be getting to that pose among the overwhelming number of yoga options available here.


Integrated Health Center of Vineyard Haven welcomes back Dr. Iris Gold, acupuncturist and natural medicine doctor. Using acupuncture, herbs, nutritional supplements and bio-identical hormone replacement, Dr. Gold specializes in women’s health issues, especially menopause and fertility. This summer she will be introducing a very effective and rapid weight management program that she has been using in her practice in California. She also extensively treats all types of pain problems, adrenal imbalances, headaches and fatigue.