Cronigs Market Celebrates 100 Years

Opening of New Cronig’s Market Planned in July

The Cronig brothers are expanding again. Robert and David Cronig, who inherited their father’s grocery business in Vineyard Haven’s center in 1956, have enlarged their Main street market twice. And now they are building an even larger market outside of town on State Road.
David and Robert Cronig

Cronig Brothers Now Become Incorporated But Not Too Much Change Appears in Familiar Market

Cronig Brothers Market, Vineyard Haven, entering upon its thrity-ninth year, now becomes Cronig Brothers, Inc., with the active management passing officially into the hands of the second generation, namely two of the sons of the senior partner, S. David and Robert Cronig, who have worked with and for their father, Samuel, for years.

It’s Fifty Years for Sam Cronig, Not a Golden Wedding But Golden Memories of Life in U.S.A.

Samuel Cronig, best known as Sam, a grocer of Vineyard Haven, bought a box of “gold-coin” chocolates this week, chocolates which are so moulded and wrapped as to resemble twenty-dollar gold pieces. “I’ve got an anniversary coming up, or rather it has passed but the observance is due, and I want to give these away to commemorate the event,” he explained. “It’s a fifty-year anniversary, you see.”

But it wasn’t a wedding anniversary. Rather it is the anniversary of Sam’s arrival in America, fifty years ago, shortly before Halloween, a day which he will never forget.

A Momentous Week for the Clan of Cronig

Next week is a momentous one in the history of the Clan of Cronig, Vineyard Haven, the thirty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the market business by the elder of the family, Sam Cronig.

‘Round ‘Bout Tisbury

An electric refrigerating plant has been installed in Cronig Brother’s market. It is said that some of the other markets are also to have plants installed.

Vineyard Haven Happenings: Local Items

Samuel Cronig, head of the firm of Cronig Bros., was the purchaser of Castello’s Block and while the changes are not all as predicted, they correspond closely. Barnacles will cling to the building opposite the one they now occupy, upstairs but with entrance from the Lane Block, as we hear.

Vineyard Haven Briefs

Cronig Bros. have acquired a grocery store on wheels, a Reo truck with a large and impressive body painted brown and housing a store of no mean dimensions. If you meet it on the road you are likely to mistake it for one of the houses which are always hunting new homes on the Vineyard.

Vineyard Haven

Our young citizens, the Cronig Brothers, have taken the store just vacated by the Alleys who have moved to Oak Bluffs.